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Business Intelligence Software by LogiXML

LogiXML has over 10 years of experience creating and enhancing business intelligence software solutions ensuring they offer the exact functionality users needs. LogiSML BI solutions enable users to create web-based dashboards that are quick to build and intuitive to use. With the ability to run reports on demand, it gives users more choices with less effort. LogiXML provides multiple customer support options including technical support, advanced services, and developers Network. As an added benefit, LogiXML business intelligence and analytics offers a server-based licensing model with ZERO per-user fees.

LogiXML provides the following software for Business Intelligence:

Logi Ad Hoc: The most intuitive and fasted BI Application to deploy that allows business users to create dashboards, reports, and analysis without IT involvement.

Logi Info: The complete BI Platform that is custom created with business intelligence applications for developers to rapidly create custom dashboards, reports, and analysis.
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