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Construction Project Management and Scheduling Software Buyer's Guide


Our Construction Project Management and Scheduling Software Buyer's Guide explains the benefits and features typically available in project management and scheduling software packages. After reading the guide, you will be able to choose the right software for your company -- and that will put you on the road to effectively managing jobs and increasing profitability.

Part 1 offers a basic introduction to construction project management software. With the right tools, experts say, a good PM can cut resource and time requirements in half, thus saving millions of dollars on big projects.

Part 2 helps you identify signs that you need new construction scheduling software. These red flags include repeated re-entry of data, overworked project managers, missed deadlines and surprises on the job site.

Part 3 lists several benefits of project management software for construction. These benefits include standardized processes, streamlined construction scheduling, improved communication and workflow, and, thanks to the availability of key performance indicators, better management of employees, suppliers and subcontractors.

Part 4 provides tips on how to evaluate your project management software needs. This is more than just identifying problems that you want your software to solve; it also involves asking several key questions to your most important partners.

Part 5 hones in on key construction project management software features that you need to keep in mind as you narrow down your choices. These features include change order management, calendars for project management, budget planning and management, and subcontractor management.

Part 6 helps you find the best construction scheduling software for your organization. Here we offer strategies for getting the most out of vendor demos and knowing what to ask.

Finally, Part 7 summarizes the project management and scheduling software implementation process. Included here are some software implementation best practices, hints for overcoming resistance to the new system and a software implementation timeline.

  Free Construction Project Management Software Buyer's Guide  
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