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Google Android software for construction


This article lists Google Android software useful to those in the AEC industries. This relatively new operating system currently shows up on some HTC T-Mobile phones, Google Dream G1, Quiji 16, Samsung Galaxy I7500, OPHONE, GPhone and more. (Some additional Google Android software offerings are available at the Android Market website. A more comprehensive list can be seen by visiting that site on your handset, according to Google.)

Google Android software for construction: Document and data management

Documents To Go 2.0 Office: The Android version of this popular document viewing, creating and editing application.

RepliGo Reader: Read PDFs.

Google Android software for construction: Voice

Firewall Lite: Block spam phone calls and SMS probes.

Google Voice: From call screening to conference calling this application promises to make your phone a voice powerhouse. You can listen before taking a call; block unwanted callers; send, receive and store SMS; have the phone ring distinctively for particular callers; read your voicemail; conference calling; record and store calls; and share voicemail, and more.

Google Android software for construction: Productivity

WisePilot GPS: A mobile GPS application that keeps itself up-to-date and has full color 3D maps along with clear voice instructions whether you are walking or driving.

Universal Conversion Application: Convert those pesky meter measurements that show up in the spec sheets to feet and inches, or do any number of other conversions.

Cootek TouchPal v4.0 for Android: The makers claim this application that makes your Android keyboard finger-friendly can predict the right word 98% of the time, thereby decreasing mistyping. Behind the scenes is a “mistyping correction algorithm” that analyzes the locations of the keys, detects the context, and suggests a list of most likely candidates.

iMap Weather: Know how soon you’ll have to cover up that subfloor before the rain hits by using this application that delivers the weather, including radar images, lightening strike information and severe weather watches directly to your phone.


This ends the list of Google Android software useful for those in the AEC industries. Use the links below to select the operating system of your device to see some available applications for them.

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