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iPhone apps for construction


This article lists iPhone apps for the construction, architecture and engineering industries. (Another place to look, of course, is the iPhone App store, which as of this writing is closing in on 100,000 iPhone applications.)

iPhone apps for construction: Document and data management

Documents To Go: This application allows users to do the following:
•    view, edit, and create Microsoft Word documents;
•    view Excel, powerpoint, PDF and iWork, and
•    send and receive Microsoft Exchange Email.

Pronto: Use forms on your iPhone to capture, report and manage information. You can create your own forms or use templates. Fill in the form on your device right in the field as you are collecting the information. Then share the data with others by exporting to Excel, XML, HTML, PDF or CSV. Use this process for a large number of AEC activities including estimating, inspecting and reporting time.

iPhone apps for construction: Job cost accounting

Expensify: We all need to keep better track of business expenses such as vehicle fuel, meals, and lodging, so this free expense tracking system aims to help out with that. It can scan receipts using the iPhone’s camera, or you can use it to log cash expenses. Then upload the snapshots and cash expense list to the Expensify website. (The service will also import your expenses from your assigned credit card and it accepts your uploaded email receipts.) From there, you can create your expense report and email it for reimbursement. Management, meanwhile, can use Expensify to reject and send an expense report back for revision; approve it and reimburse as normal; reimburse it online from any checking account, or reimburse exporting to QuickBooks.

ReceiptsOnDisk: With this expense tracking system, you can now capture receipts as you buy things and store them on your iPhone for later retrieval as needed.

iPhone TSheets Touch: This application makes your iPhone a time tracking device. Log onto a Web page where you record time on specific tasks or specific jobs. Reporting features let you customize the content of reports, specify a spreadsheet, and then format and export to CSV, PDF or QuickBooks. You can also view the reports online in HTML. Besides tracking standard hours, you can track overtime, paid time off, job time and project time.

iPhone apps for construction: Calculations and measurements

gUnit: Convert units in 10 categories including temperature, length, weight, and volume.

Calc Zero: A calculator and conversion tool that is also a full-featured scientific calculator. Yes, it handles fractions.

iRuler: The phone can now measure things in inches and centimeters. This iPhione application for construction also comes with an assortment of skins, including wood and metal.

Quad Level: Going beyond just a level, this tool also tells you just how far out of level things are in either centimeters per meter, or inches per 10 feet. It also has a diagonal level indicator.

iPhone apps for construction: At the jobsite

iPhone Translator: With increasingly diverse construction jobsites, this language translator offers to help keep the communication flowing.

Weather Machine: Get current, local forecasts every 30 minutes in a stunning display.

iHydrate: You don’t have to guess anymore if the weather conditions are prime for heat stroke. This application gives you the current heat index along with the level of potential risk of heat-related illness. Also reminds when you, and your crews, need to drink some water.


This ends the list of iPhone apps for the construction, architecture and engineering industries. Use the links below to select the operating system of your device to see some available applications for them.

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