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Infor manufacturing ERP software solution

With the combined strength of enterprise resource planning products such as Infor ERP SL(formerly
SyteLine), Infor ERP VISUAL, Infor ERP LN/BAAN, Infor ERP Adage and Infor ERP SX we offer our customers the breadth of functionality and unmatched technology choices to meet their unique industry challenges.

Infor ERP SL (formerly SyteLine) is the solution of choice for over 5,000 manufacturers around the world. From repetitive to engineer-to-order, Infor ERP SL enables the processes you need to accelerate production and meet customer demand more quickly. It allows to plan and schedule order by order, increase forecasting speed and accuracy, minimize error-prone manual steps, deliver orders on time, and reduce inventory levels and shortages. Infor ERP SL is ideally suited for companies looking for a global footprint with dynamic configuration modeling needs, because it allows your multiple sites to operate based on their needs, while retaining your corporate governance standards.

Infor ERP VISUAL is a complete solution for small- to mid-sized discrete manufacturers that delivers support for their full business lifecycle, from planning to sourcing to making to delivering.

Traditional finite scheduling is combined with lean scheduling to help companies deliver on time at a reduced cost. Infor ERP VISUAL has a long history of providing a quick return on investment because customers enjoy rapid implementations and can quickly take advantage of robust, easy-to-use features such as built-in workflow.

The solution offers an integrated approach to all core manufacturing requirements:
Its value extends beyond manufacturing, offering users easy and effective ways to interact with core desktop tools such as the Microsoft Office suite. With an intuitive, full-color graphic interface and pointand-click capabilities, Infor ERP VISUAL is ideal for companies where users have multiple responsibilities. It delivers what all discrete manufacturers need-support for their full business lifecycle, from planning, to sourcing to making to delivering.

Infor ERP LN and Infor ERP Baan are advanced, easy-to-use ERP solutions that bring together a wide range of business functions to serve the needs of leading discrete and project-based manufacturers.

Infor ERP Adage is a comprehensive, flexible, advanced ERP solution for process manufacturers that facilitates production of consistent quality and compliant products to meet variable demand.

Infor ERP SX.enterprise is a robust distribution management solution specifically designed to help distributors of all types run an efficient, end-to-end operation to increase inventory turns and maximize margins.
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