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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Enterprise Resource Planning Software

The manufacturing and distribution functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you increase your customer loyalty through better responsiveness and lets you rapidly pursue new market opportunities and increase your collaboration with key business partners.

Modules include:


Respond quickly to rapidly changing customer demands. Promise your customers a reliable delivery date immediately, modify and track orders, and identify processes that could be more efficient and easily change them.


Streamline operations to benefit both you and your customers. Reducing operational costs saves time and money for your entire organization and allows you to offer more competitive prices. Cost reduction is a worthwhile business goal in itself, but it's also another way to strengthen your relationships with customers.

Business Notification

Generate automatic e-mail messages to your employees, suppliers, partners, and customers informing and alerting them of critical business conditions.

Commerce Gateway

Reduce costs with an automated system that makes it easier to map to different data, and set up and administrate agreements. Commerce Gateway is a business-to-business (B2B) solution that opens up Microsoft Dynamics NAV for electronic exchange of trading documents with other systems.

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