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Ross Manufacturing ERP Software

Ross Enterprise is the enterprise resource management (ERP) product suite of CDC Software, The Customer-Driven Company.

Ross Enterprise's applications fall into the following product categories; please browse the categories and descriptions below and click on the link to view details on the product suite(s) youre interested in.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Suite: financial management, manufacturing management, quality management and regulatory compliance, traceability, materials management and inventory control, maintenance management, business analytics, and data collection.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Suite: supplier management, demand planning, replenishment planning, vendor-managed inventory (VMI), sales and operations planning, production scheduling, RFID, supply chain planning, distributed order management, warehouse management, transportation management, reverse logistics, collaborative services, and analytics.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Suite: sales, marketing, service, partner management, analytics, and mobile CRM solutions.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Suite: sales analytics, manufacturing analytics, and inventory visibility.

Ross Enterprise's application suite is built upon an Internet-based technology foundation that provides easy adaptability to changing business models and communications platforms. Completely browser based, the architecture of our Internet Application Framework leverages XML Web services to enable connectivity between the system and other internal and external enterprise systems, devices, people and processes.

Ross Enterprise software solutions address the unique challenges of these industries:
  • Food and Beverage: Complexities across sales and distribution channels, deals structures and regulatory compliance and quality issues demand a focused solution. Other sub-vertical obstacles handled by Ross Enterprise include brand protection, recall management, right first time delivery, product line profitability, optimized production and inventory planning, and customer self-service among others.
  • Life Sciences: Regulatory compliance issues are paramount for biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The ability to monitor, track, control, validate and audit critical resources and activities across the manufacturing and distribution processes within the stringent guidelines set by regulatory agencies like FDA is essential. Ross' solutions provide these capabilities while reducing the associated costs.
  • Chemicals: Chemicals manufacturers face cost containment pressures, the emergence of buying groups, increasingly demanding customers and regulatory concerns. To address these challenges, Ross Enterprise solutions offer specific capabilities for recipe formulation, process control, quality management, real-time financial analysis, and for integrating internal and external operations to track information and product flow.
  • Consumer Packaged Goods: Ross Enterprise's focus on the specific needs of CPG companies means value to you. We dont overwhelm you with prohibitive costs, functionality you dont need, or unending implementation times. But most of all, our focus means we understand you and the complexities of your world we speak your language. Ross Enterprises software offers you all the functionality your business requires.
  • Natural Products: From stone, clay, tile and bricks to wood products to metals, our strategy is the same our success comes from listening intently to you, and to the unique needs of your business. Ross Enterprises Natural Products solutions are engineered to meet your needs today while ensuring scalability for future success.
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