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SAP Manufacturing ERP Software System

Are you under constant pressure to deliver innovative products, respond to customer demand quickly, and eliminate costs? If so, your next step is fully connecting manufacturing with the rest of your business.

Enter SAP Manufacturing: a powerful software that integrates manufacturing with your other operations and the only comprehensive solution for managing manufacturing operations with embedded lean and Six Sigma. Our software enables discrete and process manufacturers to:
  • Optimally plan, schedule, sequence, execute, and monitor all your manufacturing processes to achieve higher profits and marketplace wins
  • Coordinate operations with partners and suppliers
  • Detect and resolve exceptions and performance deviation in real time and at low cost
  • Institutionalize lean and Six Sigma processes and monitor production to drive continuous improvement
  • Comply with environmental, health, and safety standards
  • Improve employee productivity and create a high-quality work environment
  • With SAP Manufacturing, your management and production departments gain real-time visibility into key data enabling them to act quickly. Managers can document, track, and interpret quality and performance using rich analytics capabilities.
  • Enhance Your Manufacturing Capability
Enhance your manufacturing capabilities with the complete set of solutions for manufacturing:
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