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WinMAGI ERP Software Solution by MAGI

Success in todays manufacturing environment is measured by how successfully you meet the needs of your customers. Effectively satisfying your customers requires tools and solutions that support an efficient and consistent production operation. In todays competitive global landscape, winning over customers is not an easy task. The companies that are able to win over these customers are the suppliers that provide the best mix of product, price and support and do so profitably.

Finding a competitive advantage requires implementing the top business management solutions available, namely solutions built for manufacturers, by technology experts who understand manufacturing and business operations. Business solutions are the tools that enable you to meet the needs and wants of your customers and enable you to do so better than the competition while still being cost effective.

MAGI delivers a proven ERP software solution, optimized on and provided specifically for the Microsoft Windows Operating System and PC Platform. The WinMAGI solution provides a wealth of functionality for manufacturing execution and other areas in a manufacturing business, namely: Designed for manufacturing companies
Our exceptionally flexible and strong product supports the four major methods of manufacturing operations: make-to-order, make-to-stock, mixed mode manufacturing, and engineer to order.

WinMAGI also supports a variety of material and production management philosophies including MRP, Reorder Point, Just in Time, and Time Phased Order Point.

Around the world, manufacturers use MAGI software to efficiently manage the details of their manufacturing operations and business processes. In addition to optimizing their information technology investment they gain significant hard and soft benefits, including:
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Better equipment uptime
  • Consistent on-time delivery performance
  • Reduced clerical overhead
MAGI enables manufacturers to work in harmony with suppliers and customers, while supporting relationships that optimize the flow of information, materials and products, together promoting a common self-interest success.

Software should enable and enforce your business policies, not dictate an arbitrary set of standards. This fundamental concept is the backbone of the rich functional capability and flexibility in WinMAGI. Emphasizing the outstanding adaptability and flexibility derived from our software architecture is a comprehensive design center that supports extensive system tailoring without requiring source code modification. Our clients are able to make organization specific processing changes to optimize their customer service and internal performance. They dont have to live with inadequate, inflexible, solutions, nor do they have to undertake the risks associated with custom programming.

Our proprietary software architecture lets new releases and products upgrades be implemented transparent to local tailoring. The upgrade process looks for and recognizes customizations then it incorporates them into the upgrade automatically; without retrofitting, re-customization, or reprogramming by your staff. Our customers not only have their technology investment protected, they can implement continuing improvements and still have a tailored solution. Implementing a new release in a tailored system takes fifteen minutes and can be done by an untrained office employee.

The right information, to the right people, at the right time
Our Intelligent Message Processor is a focal point for communication between man and machine. The event driven messaging system gives advance notice of critical business conditions and puts the tools at your fingertips to analyze and address situations. Important issues wont fall through the cracks; they get forwarded up the chain if they havent been addressed in a timely manner. WinMAGI provides notification of critical events including:
  • Notice of critical inventory shortages
  • Identification of items missing bills, routings, costs, etc.
  • Orders for items with pending engineering changes
  • Manufacturing order releases with missing components
  • Scheduled shipments with product shortages
The MAGI software was designed and written by the same team of people giving it a consistency in look, feel, and operation. It was developed by professionals for professionals, with extensive support from practitioners in the American Production and Inventory Control Society. MAGI software supports both Good Manufacturing Practices and Generally Accepted Accounting Principals, but our customers use it because it gives them a competitive edge.

WinMAGI is optimized for Microsoft Windows 2000-2003 Server Operating Systems.
MAGI offers a complete manufacturing software solution built for the Windows PC platform, one of the fastest, most stable, reliable and scalable information processing environments on the market. We utilize the PC to develop highly functional, performance-oriented solutions. The platform not only supports leading edge technical innovation but also is the most cost effective information processing foundation available.

When companies embrace our solutions they leverage state of the art technology blended with common sense and practical application experience. They have access to the latest production and inventory management techniques proven through the American Production and Inventory Control Society. And they leverage the power of networking both Internet and Intranet technologies to make their customer and vendor communications happen at the speed of light. They leverage information technology to improve their customer response and satisfaction levels while reducing operational costs. Success in todays global economy demands what WinMAGI provides a framework that improves organizational responsiveness while reducing the cost and complexity of your information technology investment.
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