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JobPOWER Software Review: Grinder Haizlip


Grinder Haizlip Construction has used JOBPOWER job costing software since it was found in 1992. Over the years, the Memphis-based general contractor has provided general construction services to the commercial, industrial and manufacturing industries in the Memphis area.

Dorothy Jones, administer at Grinder Haizlip, said four employees in the general contractor's accounting department use JOBPOWER for its general accounting functions, particularly for reporting and planning purposes. (JOBPOWER provides contractors with construction accounting software, with an emphasis on job cost management and features such as AIA billing, certified payroll and job budgets.)

Jones said she likes that cash receipts are easy to search, and the reports are customizable, which makes most reconciliation functions easier. The software is very efficient when compared to Microsoft Excel or using a standalone accounting package, she added, which helps employees save time. Jones also likes JOBPOWER's customizable functions, the ability to save files to be sent as email, and the ability to automatic offsets for some accounts.

The one thing Jones would like to improve the ease of making corrections when errors are made. She also noted that JOBPOWER's user documentation loads slowly and is not specific enough for Grinder Haizlip's particular needs.

However, Jones liked JOBPOWER overall, rating the job costing software 9 out of 10. She said she plans to upgrade to the next version when it becomes available.

Full Review

How long have you been using this tool?: 

Since 1992, when our company was founded.

What kinds of construction projects do you mostly work on?: 

Commercial and industrial

Where did you obtain it?: 

I don't know.

How much did you pay?: 

I don't know.

How are you using this product?: 

We use JOBPOWER for all our daily accounting functions.

Why did you pick this product?: 

It is a construction-specific accounting software tool.

Was this product compatible with the software programs you were already using?: 

In the past we used JOBPOWER Estimating, which did integrate with JOBPOWER Accounting. We no longer use the estimating tool.

Did you look at other tools on the market before picking this one?: 

Though I did not personally pick this job costing software, I do know that it was picked for its construction-specific use.

Before you bought this product, were you using a different one to do the same job? : 


How many people are using this software? : 

Four members of our accounting department use JOBPOWER.

Comparing the way you work now with the way you worked before you bought this tool, what has changed? : 

It's hard to judge, as this business began with this software.

Can you give us an example of a job where this tool really made a difference?: 

Cash receipts are very easy to search. Also, reports are customizable, which makes most functions of reconciliation easier.

Can you estimate how much time or money you saved or other measurable benefits your firm realized using this tool?: 

We have seen savings related to employee time saved; this tool is very efficient, so time spent using it is minimal.

What are the best features (for your business) in this tool?: 

Customizable functions are very helpful, as is the "Save to File" option that lets us email files. In addition, JOBPOWER provides automatic offsets for some accounts. Finally, the software's reminders and pop-up messages are handy.

Do you think it's a fair value for the price you paid?: 


What would you change about the product if you could?: 

I wish it were easier to make corrections.

Are there features that you don't use?: 

We do not use JOBPOWER's features for managing inventory because our business does not hold any inventory.

Who would you recommend use this tool?: 

Any construction financial manager would benefit from JOBPOWER.

How much computer experience do you think someone needs to use this tool effectively?: 

Basic computer experience is all that's necessary.

Did it take much training (or studying) to learn to use this tool?: 


Have you ever called the company's support lines and asked for help?: 

Yes. Two representatives in particular, Dee and Mary, are always extremely helpful and will do whatever is necessary to help me solve a problem.

How would you rate the user documentation? : 

On a scale of 1-10 I would rate it about an 8. It loads very slowly in the program and is not specific enough, but it is fairly helpful.

When the next version of this software comes out, will you upgrade to it?: 


Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this tool?: 


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