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WennSoft Software Review


Harty Tractor Service Inc. was able to support its 230% growth over three years without replacing its job-costing software from WennSoft, thanks to the application's adaptability, flexibility and easy-to-use sophistication. That growth was enough for the company to make the Inc. 5000 list of fast-growing private companies in 2007, Harty Tractor employee Sandy Cunnagin said.

But Harty Tractor did not have to add staff to support its expanding business. Fifteen employees use WennSoft, she said. The solution cost $20,000. "My whole software tab was $47,000, including Microsoft Dynamics accounting software. It did not include hardware or any implementation costs," said Cunnagin.

The Orange City, Florida-based site developer specializes in clearing, demolition, excavation, hauling, filling, grading, utilities and paving, and was looking for job-costing software that could integrate with Microsoft's Dynamics suite of accounting applications, said Cunnagin. "We bought it from a Microsoft business partner. It's someone I knew from a prior position," she said. "He recommended WennSoft as a job-costing software solution that integrates with Dynamics."

Cunnagin would give WennSoft a 9.7 out of 10 rating. "I just don't believe anything's perfect," she explained. If it was was a 10, she reasoned, "there wouldn't be any room for improvement."

Full Review

How long have you been using this tool?: 

2.5 years.

What kinds of construction projects do you mostly work on?: 

We're a residential and commercial contractor. Harty Tractor is a full service site-development company specializing in clearing, demolition, excavation, hauling, filling, grading and utilities (water, sewer and storm, paving, etc.) for projects in various arenas. These include residential subdivisions of five to 1,000 lots; municipal, institutional; industrial and commercial; recreational; single residential lots; power; hurricane clean-up; solid waste facilities, and mining facilities.

Where did you obtain it?: 

We bought it from a Microsoft business partner. It's someone I knew from a prior position. He focuses on the suite of Microsoft Dynamics products. He recommended WennSoft as a job-costing software solution that integrates with Dynamics.

How much did you pay?: 

We paid $20,000 for WennSoft. My whole software tab was $47,000, including Microsoft Dynamics accounting software. It did not include hardware or any implementation costs.

How are you using this product?: 

We use Wennsoft as our primary job-costing software. Fifteen employees are using it.

Why did you pick this product?: 

There were two primary reasons. The first was the fact that Wennsoft is compatible with our existing Microsoft Dynamics accounting package. Secondly, our estimator preferred the software.

Comparing the way you work now with the way you worked before you bought this tool, what has changed? : 

We now have much more control over job-cost budgets and purchasing.

Can you give us an example of a job where this tool really made a difference?: 

Previously, it took six to eight hours to print accounts receivables. That time went down to six to eight minutes, at the most.

Can you estimate how much time or money you saved or other measurable benefits your firm realized using this tool?: 

Although our company grew, we did not have to add staff to meet our increased needs.We made the 'Inc. 5000' list for 2007. Our sales grew from $7 million  to $23 million, or 230%, in three years.

What are the best features (for your business) in this tool?: 

We like the summary job status inquiry tool.

Do you think it's a fair value for the price you paid?: 


What would you change about the product if you could?: 

We'd like to see even tighter integration into accounting, such as the ability to select vendor payments by job.

Are there features that you don't use?: 

We use most of them, actually.

Who would you recommend use this tool?: 

Anyone who needs job-cost software, as opposed to project accounting software.

How much computer experience do you think someone needs to use this tool effectively?: 

Minimal experience was needed.

Did it take much training (or studying) to learn to use this tool?: 


Have you ever called the company's support lines and asked for help?: 

Yes, they have excellent support. I think their support is terrific. When we purchased WennSoft it was kind of a new release, and the guy who's in charge at development came and spent a day in my office. He flew in from Milwaukee. They didn't charge me. They have a user conference that's one of the best I've attended. If you're talking to someone on the help desk who doesn't understand your problem, it's really easy to get the problem escalated. They go out of their way to stay in touch with their customers.

How would you rate the user documentation? : 

It's online and context-sensitive, so we use it frequently and efficiently.

When the next version of this software comes out, will you upgrade to it?: 


Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this tool?: 


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