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ProEst Estimating - ProEst Estimating ProEst Estimating - ProEst Estimating
ProEst 11, the newest version of ProEst Estimating Software, is available in Lite, Standard and Professional packages. ProEst 11 provides users with standard and customizable reports; estimate templat...
Skire Skire
Company Overview Skire Inc. developed its Web-based project management software, Unifier, to help organizations address the planning and execution of capital programs and projects; these range from...
Data Builder Data Builder
Company Overview Data Builder Inc. provides document management software to AEC firms. In doing so the company aims to help firms save paper through the combination of a digital repository and a se...
Sales Simplicity Sales Simplicity
Company Overview Sales Simplicity offers customer relationship management (CRM), reporting and lead management software for the North American home building industry. Its software uses Microsoft SQ...
A-Systems A-Systems
Company Overview A-Systems Corp. was established in 1978 and claims to be one the first companies to develop PC-based job cost accounting software. In addition to JobView, which was built specifica...
SafetySoft SafetySoft
Company Overview As its name implies, SafetySoft creates a number of safety software products covering aspects of jobsite safety that include training, risk management and OSHA compliance. Its prod...
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