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The firm's WinEst Pro software, which has been available for more than 10 years, is designed to assist the professional cost estimator in performing rapid, complete and auditable construction cost estimates, the vendor said. In addition, electronic procurement is available through WinEst web portals, the vendor said.

WinEst Pro Plus consists of the same features of WinEst Pro with the addition of features such as file security and access controls, a linked database option, supports labor and equipment, subcontractor and supplies and markups databases, and a What-if analysis tool, the vendor said.

WinEst eTeam is built for companies who rely heavily on collaborative estimating, as it enables estimators from a wide range of disciplines to work together on estimates across networks or the internet. WinEst eTeam has additional options available for more efficient project cost estimating:
  • WinEst Virtual Takeoff allows takeoff to be done directly from a PC screen.
  • WinEst Integrators allow users to exchange cost data between WinEst eTeam and other solutions, including Microsoft Project management software, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Business Solutions, Sage Master Builder and Intuit QuickBooks.
  • WinEst Bids & Quotes enhances users' ability to generate and deliver RFQs (requests for quotation) and ITBs (invitations to bid) to subs and suppliers using online portals.
WinEstimator's Modelogix was created in response to the increasing difficulty of the task of building conceptual models when data is stored in several different applications. The SQL Server-based Modelogix allows companies to retrieve information on their project cost history by pulling information from several different cost tracking solutions; this makes the process of forming a conceptual budget easier and more accurate, the vendor said. Modelogix is tightly integrated with WinEst, but it is also a stand-alone application, allowing it to work with many other estimating and project management software systems as well.

The vendor also offers WinEst Databases, which are cost item price books complete with pre-installed formulas and headings. WinEst Databases can be used with all WinEst modules. There are several different WinEst Databases -- commercial and general contractor, heavy construction, mechanical, electrical and residential/light construction -- and each is compatible with all WinEst modules.
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