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SAP America, Inc.

SAP Helps Los Angeles Unified School District Prepare for Growth

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - October 04, 2005 - SAP Public Services, Inc., a subsidiary of SAP AG (NYSE: SAP), today announced that the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has selected mySAP™ ERP as a key element of its initiatives to improve service delivery to schools and enhance efficiency in the nation’s second-largest school district—serving more than 710,000 students—by increasing the amount of personal attention educators can give to each student. With the support of SAP’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, LAUSD will offer 130,000 principals and teachers business tools to dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks so they can devote more time to student achievement.
  • LAUSD will replace its 40-year-old legacy systems with mySAP ERP, consolidating more than 60 different operating systems onto a single platform. By streamlining its IT infrastructure, LAUSD will be able to handle the high volume of business needs necessary for managing an expanding infrastructure such as hiring new principals, recruiting quality teachers and continuing professional development.
  • Previously, financial data was housed in several different systems, which often led to duplicate information and hindered LAUSD officials from having a clear view of funds. By leveraging SAP’s integrated applications for financials and purchasing, LAUSD will be able to better track and manage detailed financial data in order to maximize its investment of tax dollars and streamline procurement and payment processes.
  • LAUSD’s former payroll system was complex and antiquated. With mySAP ERP, LAUSD will be able to provide employees with real-time access to payroll and benefits information and speed the time it takes to process checks. The new system will also have the scalability to accommodate more employee records as LAUSD hires additional teachers. Using the software’s integrated human resources applications, LAUSD will be able to identify teachers and principals most qualified for job openings and increase recruitment efficiency.
“Quality education demands facilities and academic programs that meet the educational needs of each child,” said Anne Valenzuela-Smith, executive administrator, Los Angeles Unified School District. “With mySAP ERP, we gain tools to better manage information and administrative activities, which will free up our educators to apply their time and skills to the classroom, where they are needed most.” is brought to you by TechTarget, Where Serious Technology Buyers Decide.
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