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Accpac Pro Series 7.3 Press Releases -


Top 3 results for Accpac Pro Series 7.3

1. Consona Corporation Press Release - Made2Manage Systems Honors Mathews Inc. for Achievements
... companies in the United States and winning more ASA and IBO mens pro, womens pro, senior pro, and limited pro events than all other bow brands combined, Mathews Inc. products...

2. Consona Corporation Press Release - Manufacturing / ERP Software - Onyx Software Signs Definitive Agreement To Be Acquired By M2M Holdings - Made2Manage ERP
... investing, which seeks to create value through the strategic use of acquisitions to accelerate business growth. TCEP pursues an investment strategy of identifying high-potential industry sectors and partnering with top executives to invest in businesses that can grow both organically and through acquisitions. Through a series of eight private equity funds, TCEP has invested more than $2.0 billion of equity capital and currently manages more than $1.75 billion. TCEP's investment focus is on companies in the software, healthcare, business services and consumer products...

3. Consona Corporation Press Release - Manufacturing / ERP Software - Consona ERP Announces Made2Manage® Product Direction - Consona Made2Manage / Intuitive
... the progress our programming resources have made over the last 18 months. We have already started the Made2manage v7.0 .NET project with an outstanding set of development tools that match our specific needs, including established class libraries that support the transition from Microsoft Visual Fox Pro to the .NET Framework-managed code. Matt Carter, product manager for Visual Studio at Microsoft Corp., stated that Microsoft continues to invest in providing outstanding tools for development and quality assurance. Microsoft is committed to providing development resources that will assist Consona...

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