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Top 108 results for Buy Microsoft CRM

1. GiddyUp is Web-based estimating and CRM software for constru -
... Giddyup - Giddyup Giddyup is Web-based estimating and CRM software for construction. It is built on SQL Server and Microsoft's .NET Framework. For estimating purposes, the application ...) Material orders can then be sent via fax or email. CRM features, meanwhile, include the ability to link the software's appointment scheduler and email reminder alert systems to Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, as well as to deliver bids to custome...

2. Company Overview GiddyUp, a subsidiary of Cutter Croix LL -
... Cutter Croix LLC, was founded by contractors who were disappointed with using software such as Microsoft Excel for cost estimating, bidding and customer relationship management (CRM). The contractors then researched products built specifically for CRM and estimating but found them to be too complicated, too expensive or both. From...

3. Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a valuable tool f -
...'s INFIMACS II - Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a valuable tool for keeping track of interactions with customers and prospects. Therelevant CRM Module extends typical customer and prospect data by adding a database of contacts, activities, and status codes. The CRM Workbench is accessible from the Customer or Prospect Master screens and is linked to all major CRM functions. You can see which campaigns generated leads, which leads...

4. Company Overview Sales Simplicity offers customer relatio -
... Sales Simplicity Company Overview Sales Simplicity offers customer relationship management (CRM), reporting and lead management software for the North American home building industry. Its software uses Microsoft SQL Server on the back end and XML (the Extensible Markup Language) to export data to other software applications.......

5. SiteStream's home building software is designed to help resi -
... the first land appraisal, through production control, to the completion of sales -- with an integrated sales and customer relationship management (CRM) system. Sitestream's system has five modules -- land, build, sales, care and scheduler. This home ...; while it has been designed as a fully integrated system, it can also be implemented incrementally, the vendor said. Sitestream uses Microsoft's COM (Component Object Model) technology to support its components. The software runs on Windows and SQL Server. ....

6. This PlanetTogether product integrates with Microsoft Dynami -
... Planettogether - For Microsoft Dynamics This Planettogether product integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX and GP to automate schedule updates, detect shipping bottlenecks, create visual resource plans and analyze ' ... for discrete, process, and mixed-mode manufacturers. Integration with any version of Microsoft Dyna... MORE Register to get your FREE Demo! All Fields Required *...

7. Safran Project, a project control tool, includes features su -
... repository. Safran Project is compatible with construction scheduling applications such as Microsoft Project and Primavera P3/P3E. It runs on all Microsoft Windows 32-bit operating environments and above, including Microsoft NT, XP and Vista. Safran for Microsoft Project is an add-on for users of Microsoft Project management...

8. The contact management features of this CRM sales software a -
... Aareas Interactive - 24/7 Salescenter Real Estate The contact management features of this CRM sales software allow building professionals to collect and manage detailed information about all contacts via a personalized dashboard. This tool can be used for targeted email marketing campaigns, document management and detailed ... also uses auto-complete to speed up the generation of purchaser contracts, the vendor said. The Online Options Management component of this CRM sales software manages the vir... MORE Register to get your FREE Demo! All Fields Required * First Name: *...

9. TRACKpoint runs on any desktop using Microsoft Internet Expl -
... ESUB - Trackpoint Trackpoint runs on any desktop using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. It features three modules -- project management, timecard management and corporate management. Prospective buyers can view a three-minute video on the ESUB website; live online demonstrations ... Rfis, daily reports, change orders, purchase orders, submittals, transmittals, pay applications and correspondence. Subcontractors can save data in Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook formats simply by hitting the "Save Data" button; this, the vendor said, cuts down...

10. The vendor most recently developed eTEK XPress, a Web-based -
... cost accounting software program for Smbs, called ETEK Accounting, for Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista. Following its acquisition of MTX International ... several programs. For example, MTX is now ETEK Accounting for Microsoft Office XP/2003, a network-based job cost accounting software system for Smbs based on those older versions of Microsoft Office. In addition, Millennium+ is now ETEK Accounting for Microsoft SQL Server. This network-based job cost accounting system is...

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