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Microsoft ERP Vendors -


Top 181 results for Microsoft ERP

1. Intuitive ERP Intuitive ERP, a Consona ERP solution, prov -
... Intuitive ERP 8.0 Intuitive ERP Intuitive ERP, a Consona ERP solution, provides an intuitive and flexible enterprise software solution that helps...

2. Many engineer-to-order manufacturers prefer to use Microsoft -
... Encompix - MS Project Integration Many engineer-to-order manufacturers prefer to use Microsoft Project as a tool to manage their projects or communicate project status with their customers. Encompix provides several options to help our customers manage projects. One such tool is to integrate MS ... of Use . You may contact us at . Related Solutions: Other Consona Corporation Solutions: Cimnet Systems Intuitive ERP 8.0 Relevant's INFIMACS II is brought to you by Techtarget , Where Serious Technology Buyers Decide....

3. eBuild is a Web-based ERP software tool that consists of eig -
... Interactive Multimedia Technologies - ebuild ebuild is a Web-based ERP software tool that consists of eight modules, which customers can purchase as they need. (The modules are described individually below.) According to its developer, Interactive Multimedia Technologies, ebuild was designed to ... ebuild features project scheduling in stages, includes remote project monitoring and generation of timely reports and lets users view or export all reports as Microsoft Word or PDF files. Ebuild's accounting module integrates financial features such as payroll, sales, purchasing, inventory and general...

4. Utilizing Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and the Compact .NET Fr -
... Intuitive ERP 8.0 - Intuitive Mobile Utilizing Microsoft's Windows Mobile and the Compact .NET Framework, Intuitive provides a full suite of shop floor and inventory transactions for use on wireless hand-held devices. These transactions are generally performed using provided barcode capabilities...

5. SAP's ERP solutions include a construction ERP offering. Kno -
... Operations - SAP for Engineering, Construction and Operations SAP's ERP solutions include a construction ERP offering. Known as SAP for Engineering ... to address the specific issues and concerns of construction firms. SAP ERP 6.0, initially released in 2006, connects users directly to business processes. SAP continues to release enhancement packages to SAP ERP 6.0, including the construction ERP package. Released incrementally and at no charge to existing customers,...

6. The Cost Engineering Consultancy's software, known as Cleopa -
... is intended for use throughout the life cycle of a project. The cost engineering software interfaces with a wide array of popular CAD, ERP and planning systems, and work can easily be shared via the Internet. The Netherlands-based consultancy recently released Cleopatra Enterprise v2.5, which adds features such as role-based security for reports, advanced search and replace; exporting of data to Microsoft Excel and an improved layout for the calculation sheet dialog. In order to get the most out of its Cleopatra Enterprise software, Cost...

7. Company Overview Image Integration Systems (IIS), establi -
... Systems (IIS), established in 1993, provides comprehensive systems for business process improvement. This system, known as Docusphere, includes ERP applications as well as accounts payable, sales order processing and billing and shipping. IIS assisted mid-size to large multinational customers .... Image Integration Systems is a certified member of the Oracle Partner Network and also is accredited as a partner of SAP, IBM and Microsoft. ... MORE Register to get your FREE Demo! All Fields Required * First Name: * Address: * Last...

8. Increase production cost control and resource management eff -
... Intuitive ERP 8.0 - Engineering Increase production cost control and resource management efficiency with flexible bills of material management. With the ECO/ECR module, you can introduce engineering changes without losing control of manufacturing operations and assess the impact of engineering changes throughout your operations. Take advantage of tight integration with Solidworks and Microsoft Project. Create visual bills of material Generate and maintain flexible routings Track and control engineering changes... MORE Register to get your...

9. Intuitive ERP's comprehensive and flexible financial managem -
... Intuitive ERP 8.0 - Finance Intuitive ERP's comprehensive and flexible financial management features allow you to track the flow of money in your company in a secure and accurate ... Manage and process your accounts payable and accounts receivable. Track all accounting activity with Intuitive ERP's general ledger and easily generate financial statements, budgets and other advanced financial reports...

10. Intuitive ERP's complete order processing functionality, inc -
... Intuitive ERP 8.0 - Order Processing Intuitive ERP's complete order processing functionality, including direct quote-to-sales order conversion, revision tracking, full-featured ... to maximize the efficiency of your sales force. After sales orders are entered, Intuitive ERP takes the newly created demand and reserves inventory or generates planned purchase orders and work orders...

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